Which Rock Slider is Right For You? Best Jeep Rock Sliders for 2021

Best Jeep Rock Sliders

Those drivers who are cruising a Jeep know that one of the roads to take to challenge your vehicle is a rocky path. However, you don’t want to cause any harm to the jeep, no matter the complexity of the track you’re on, do you? The frame remains unprotected while you cover the main parts. That is where it is more than helpful to have a set of reliable rock sliders.

Several drivers claim that what the Best Jeep Rock Sliders can do is secure the frame. There are, however, a few more tasks that can be performed by trustworthy rock sliders. If there are obstacles insight, not to mention the recovery stage, they will add to the rear tyre safety and enhance the pivot. Taking all that into account, I decided to share a list of the most useful rock sliders that I have come across so far with you. Also read, Jeep Gladiator: What’s new for 2021? Review & Pricing

Best Jeep XJ Rock Sliders 

Classic 2 Current Fabrication Rocker Panel

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If you have been observing the demand for rock sliders for a while, you have come across choices from different price ranges, and some of them are obviously more costly than the others. Not everybody can invest a substantial amount in anything as optional as a rock slider, no matter the desire to safeguard your car. That’s where the Rocker Panel for the Classic 2 Current Fabrication comes in.

As they are made of 18ga automotive steel, the manufacturer provides outer rocker sections that are very robust and reliable. Such a choice seems more than realistic when you are conquering rugged off-roads.

In addition, the item is made exclusively in the USA so that it would be your perfect chance if you want to support the national manufacturer with a flawless reputation. The mild drawback is the fact that the sides of both the driver and the passenger are sold individually. On the bright side, however, the price is more than fair.


  • Improved durability due to 18ga automotive steel
  • User-oriented price range
  • Seamless installation


  • No installation instruction provided

Pair Of Elite Rock Sliders

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It is difficult to imagine that you might change anything like a rock slider, but such an option is possible with Elite rock sliders. The reality is that the product is sold unfinished so that it can be updated with whatever finish you find fit.

In addition, rock sliders are extremely robust, not to mention easy to mount, considering that. The system is a basic bold-on one, and that is definitely a value to pay attention to. It must also be added that the item is sold as a pair so that you do not need to check separately for the sides of either driver or passenger, and you can mount them simultaneously the minute they arrive.


  • The item comes as a pair with all the necessary hardware included
  • Made in the USA
  • Durable and easy to customize


  • The price for the set is higher than average
  • The bold-on installation may be challenging for inexperienced users

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Best Jeep JK Rock Sliders

If the Jeep XJ isn’t the model you drive, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a pair of useful rock sliders for yourself. I happen to have a few worthy ideas on offer if you are looking for appropriate options to upgrade your Jeep JK.

Tyger Auto TG-JA2J2239B Star Armor Kit

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I typically pay primary attention to its durability and usage when I start with a rock slider description, and that is very normal. With the Tyger Start Armor Kit, however, I’m going to begin with the design in the first place. The fact is that many drivers not only get the slider to increase body safety but also to enhance the vehicle’s overall appearance. If you belong to a category, then the choice you have to decide is absolutely necessary. p The stars scattered across the steps are absolutely beautiful, and there is no point denying it.

Now, let’s continue with the other basic functions of the sliders that are in consideration. The Star Kit is made of the same robust steel as compared with others. At the same time, however, it is coated with a black finish that guarantees that the object will not be damaged by rust. In addition, both ends of the rock slider are sealed so that any water or dirt is not likely to get stuck inside and contribute to corrosion from the inside.

Finally, the installation is super user-friendly, it is a bolt-on one, but there is no drilling involved so that, besides the instruction comes with the package, essentially everyone can succeed with the process.


  • Improved and unique starry design
  • The item is made of anti-rust coated steel
  • Both ends are properly sealed so that nothing gets trapped inside


  • The item does not fit 2018 Wrangler JL

EAG Tubular Armor Rock Guards

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It is true that for the sole purpose of protecting the vehicle, some rock guards are made, and there is nothing wrong with that too. The category’s best examples are the EAG rock guards. Although there is no complicated layout to brood on, the product is designed to last to serve the function to the maximum.

The metal from which the rock sliders are made is double-coated so that they are not likely to be tainted by rust. In addition, to remove soil and water that can contribute to corrosion, the ends are also sealed.

Since they are the slider for a 2-door jeep, compared to those built for 4-door Jeeps, they are much less costly, and that is certainly a benefit to care about. Besides, the installation is also simpler, because four bolts are all you need, not 6. With a simple hardware tool kit, you can mount the item while all the hardware comes with a box, and there is no drilling involved.


  • Pleasant price for supreme quality
  • Improved wheel-to-wheel protection
  • Sleek textured black finish


  • Suits 2-door models only

Hooke Road Jeep Wrangler Running Boards

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Many brands manage to find the perfect line between excellent design, outstanding quality, and affordable price. If you ask me, I’d say Hooke Road rocker rails dealt well with the job. To start with, not only are the stainless steel that the sliders are made from coated with robust anti-rust coating, they are often dipped in an acid bath so that no impurities are likely to survive.

In addition, the matte finish is purposefully textured to avoid either the driver or the passenger from unintentionally slipping. The item is fitted with labelled steps to make it twice as easy to get in and out of the jeep. The sliders are built to perfectly protect your rockers so that you can rest assured that your panel is well-protected regardless of the situation you are driving through.

It is also very simple with respect to the installation and requires no drilling, you just need the factory bolts to secure the sliders on. You will know that it is more than a fair deal to accept when you balance the quality and the price.


  • Equipped with non-slip steps
  • Branded design
  • Secure and simple installation


  • Does not fit 2018 JL Edition

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Jeep Rock Sliders Buying Guide:

You’ll need Rock Sliders if you’re trying to take your Jeep off-road. They play a key role in keeping the rocker panels of your Jeeps secure while overcoming obstacles. Although Jeep’s factory sliders on Rubicon models have a reasonably good reputation, they lack the superior security that can be offered by the aftermarket. The prices and quality come in wide ranges, just like all Jeep upgrades. There are three price ranges – medium, mid and high for you to virtually place the rock sliders into. This will allow you to find excellent sliders within your price range that fits in well with your needs. 

Low: $200-$500

Budget friendly and lots of positive reviews are just a couple of the aspects we like about this array of sliders. Usually, such sliders are mass manufactured and often supervised to help reduce the cost, making them very inexpensive. However, don’t let that scare you away, as the sliders in this category all have excellent reviews that make them a cost-effective solution that will provide better security for your Jeep than what it came with stock.

Mid: $500-$750

Usually, mid-range sliders are a step-up in the consistency of products and production methods. Opening access to brands that are hyper-focused on their sliders’ design and build quality. If you intend to spend nearly half of your time off-road in your Jeep, we suggest going for one of the mid-range sliders.

Premium: More than $750

Because of their revolutionary technology, excellent workmanship or a mix of both, the premium sliders are worth every penny you spend on them. Although we do suggest these, we think you’re better off buying something at the mid-range price point and spending the rest on other improvements unless they solve anything you’re looking for.

Which Rock Slider is Right For You?

It can be tough to choose which slider is right for you. There are so many amazing options, but we suggest you go with the best you can afford. We highly recommend carrying out semi-annual maintenance on your rockers. In the long run, this means doing a visual inspection, looking for rust to clean it up and adding a protective coat to your sliders, which will pay dividends. Let us know what you think in the comments if you’re running a set of the above sliders. Have some sliders that you think we missed and let us know that we can see what we can do to add them to the list.

Final thoughts:

To sum up, it is safe to say that with one main purpose in mind, most rock sliders are made. Over the years, though, new changes have been implemented, and what you see as a robust phase addition becomes that powerful pivot point and stabiliser. So, it is critical that you are mindful of all the best choices on the market. The odds that you will find the best suited model increase when you have a trustworthy list of choices to choose from. I have shared all the choices with you that I consider worthy. Let’s hope you find them as helpful as I do.

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