Top 5 Best GPS for Off-Road Jeep to Buy this Year – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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Are you an addict for adventure? Do you love to wander the wilderness, leaving behind the city’s systemic and claustrophobic environment?

We have listed the products that not only supports your extreme nature, but also guarantees that you are safe when doing so if you are on the wild end of things.

Currently, taking it off-road will be the best way to make good use of your jeep. Google maps won’t be very good here. The best GPS that helps you to travel through the deepest jungles and canyons is what you need.

In addition, navigation isn’t all; these items go beyond, offering outstanding features such as 4WD trails which makes life simpler out there for our fellow Off-Roaders. See also our recommendations on the best floor mats for jeep wranglerhow to choose the best jeep winches, the best tires for jeep wrangler, and the best jeep seat covers.

Best GPS for Off-Road Jeep

1. Garmin Drive 50 GPS Navigator System

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Garmin is the largest and leading name in the GPS navigation sector. Based in Switzerland, the organisation uses the highly skilled workers of the country to its benefit.

This is deserving of its name and the cash you pay for it by making some of the most accurate and high-quality tools.

Subsequently, the device strictly adheres to the specifications set by the manufacturer when talking about the Garmin Drive 50.

It is programmed to provide outstanding performance, to load maps and directional updates in a jiff. The software is designed to also provide guidance in real-time.

The device can help you recognise direction using landmarks instead of stating complex names and numbers. Being already filled with Foursquare suggests that the system already has a wide variety of famous shops and restaurants.

So, this device will help hook you up if you ever want to make a stop and catch a bite.

Moreover, the device comes pre-loaded (considering the type you purchase) with the US or US and Canada maps. In addition, this also involves driver alerts, which during the everyday commutes will prove necessary.

Before it detects a sharp curve, traffic lights, and other features such as fuel stations coming up ahead, the driver alert system can keep the driver updated. That’s to make sure that no rash turns are forced to make you.

The device is offered in 5-inch or 6-inch sizes. Plus, also on the sunniest of days, you still have a really bright screen that is easy to see.

In addition, there is an easy interface for the device, and the price is also very reasonable. So, for outdoor junkies, this product is a highly recommended buy.


  • Highly affordable pricing
  • Quick and simple user interface
  • Comes with pre-loaded maps and Foursquare
  • Driver alerts for safer driving
  • Can be connected to mass USB storage devices


  • This is quite an older model
  • Short battery life

2. Garmin Drive Smart 65 & Traffic GPS Navigator System

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This is the product for you and for those who are looking for a more advanced product that will make driving easier through off-road trails!

The product has a bigger frame, at 6.95 inches, than most most navigation systems. The screen is, in addition, super bright, making it easier to track.

In the other hand, the traffic avoidance system is one of the most substantial features of this unit.

So, if you use this as a regular driver, make sure that the traffic mode is switched on since it helps the system to select quicker routes.

You can also connect the system directly with the Garmin Drive app, providing you real-time updates on traffic conditions.

Fast connectivity is also what makes it the best pair when you’re driving off-road.

It is possible to connect the device via Bluetooth so that you can receive calls directly from the device.

Similarly, via WiFi, the system can also be connected. As a result, the system can be updated regularly for patches and route updates.

Its voice-activated technology is another aspect that contributes to the versatility of the unit.

Since you can control the device with no more than your voice, it enables you to help place all your attention on the track.

This equipment also comes with System Assist, like its predecessor, which keeps the driver alert at all times.

The maps use a method of 3D terrain mapping; this generates the terrain or buildings around you.

So, the surroundings will be well defined to you; the topographical makeup will also make it easier to navigate. However, price-wise, this system is considerably steeper than its predecessor.


  • Voice-activated navigation software
  • Large and bright display
  • Easy connect ability using WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Real-time traffic updates
  • Driver Assist


  • High Price
  • Mic issues

3. Garmin Overlander GPS Navigator System

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One of Garmin’s go-to off-road navigation devices is the Overlander. It is, however, designed to offer outstanding performance both on and off-road.

The device comes with a wide 7-inch screen, offering a superior resolution of quality. The bright and vibrant show offers quick viewing but does not strain your eyes neither.

With a sturdy build, the unit is more resistant to fast jerks and bumps during off-road trips.

It also comes with a strong magnetic mount, ensuring that during extreme weather, the navigation system stays put. In addition, when required, it also lets the driver pay full attention to the device.

The device comes with maps that cover North and South America that are pre-loaded. With available 4WD routes available, each map is up-to – date.

You have a topography system included in the device as well. The driver will be alerted accordingly by mapping out the forthcoming terrain, avoiding any troublesome surprises.

The devices have also been modified for 64 GB internal storage. This involve all the best places available in the vicinity for camping.

So, thanks to the absence of a network, you do not have to face any trouble. WiFi networking also comes with the device , allowing you to constantly upgrade the device.

You may also type in the height , length, and weight of your vehicle. The device can calculate routes / trails that are acceptable for your jeep when doing so.

In addition, the device can pair up with other devices as well. For example, for an overall improved experience, you can easily pair it up with four cameras, and inReach satellite communicators.


  • Rugged design
  • Comes with 64GB of internal storage
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Connects via WiFi
  • Great for both on-road and off-road purposes


  • The price is relatively steep
  • Only supports BC35 backup cameras

4. Magellan TRX7 CS Trail and Street GPS Navigator System

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This US-based navigation system corporation, with over 30 years of experience, has developed one of the most robust solutions for itself. One of their most advanced methods for off-road and on-road navigation is the TRX7 CS.

This is a device that you’ll find to be the most reliable on the market and found in most vehicles.

What really sets this system apart, out of the box, is the 5MP camera that is attached to it. This camera serves as a replacement for the typical dashcam, and on certain outdoor trips you can still use it.

Also, you can easily connect the unit to your dash using the ram mount. So, enabling you to record stable, action-packed videos, HQ.

The device comes pre-loaded with over 115,000 maps for those who are living on the wild side.

These maps, including 4WD trails, motorcycle trails, ATV trails, and trails for sleds, are extensive. You will get yourself one of the most high-tech navigation systems if you couple this with a subscription to a satellite contract.

Besides, the versatility of the device can have you most excited, along with its excellent usability. The traditional topographic viewing systems that are used with most off-road units are included.

What you don’t see more frequently, though, are features such as the waypoint marker, backtracking method, and publisher of tracks.

Extra characteristics such as these make the life of the user easier and really allow them to enjoy their off-road drives.

Nevertheless, the price of the goods would be the only thing that could completely bother the users a little bit. For most off-road enthusiasts, a steep price that shoots over $500 will trigger a troublesome buy.


  • Easy wireless connectivity
  • Rugged design with IP67 waterproofing
  • Comes with over 115000 maps
  • 5MP camera with flash included
  • More modes and easy to use


  • Price is extremely high
  • Set up will take a while

5. Magellan TR7 GPS Navigator System

You can always opt for an older one if you are looking for a Magellan navigation device that’s a little more accessible.

The TR7 does not have as many features as its predecessors, the item does not move for sure in terms of results. It also comes with the necessary gizmos necessary to create an outstanding off-road navigation system.

The shape factor has also remained the same; it is the same 7 “high-resolution touchscreen with a sturdy exterior that helps the system to withstand intense jerks and bumps.

In terms of on-road driving, the system has also retained its efficiency, offering turn-by-turn assistance for more direct navigation.

In comparison, the system comes with over 1,15,000 trails pre-loaded. They are not only for 4WD, but they also include ATVs, snowmobiles, motorcycles, etc.


  • Large and high-resolution screen
  • Excellent performance both on-road and off-road
  • Easy wireless connectivity
  • Comes with over 1,15,000 off-roading trails
  • Bang for the buck pricing


  • The device is a bit slower
  • Older graphics

What to Look for Before Buying?

Make sure your’re absolutely clear on your needs before you decide about the product you want to go for.

Here are a few main things that you can keep in mind if this is your first time picking out a navigation device. These can assist you to make a purchase that suit your requirements completely.


The first thing that should be in your account is the accuracy it provides when you buy a navigation device. Making sure things including 3D imaging are included in the device you’re choosing.

In any off-road vehicle, this is important as it will map out the sort of topography that is present.

Therefore, an alert is sent to the driver about the sort of terrain ahead, which could be rocky, swampy, or a steep climb. In that way, it would help to prevent unfortunate accidents by alerting the driver beforehand.

In addition , the system must have the terrain mapped out beforehand with 4WD trails marked to ensure maximum precision. They are tried and checked on these trails, making them safer to travel on.

Therefore, being the fastest to access, whenever some unforeseen disaster occurs, emergency services will meet you easily.

Finally , ensure that the map of the region is downloaded onto the device. Any devices come with pre-loaded maps of the US or Canada.

Some tools allow you the option to connect devices to external storage to keep the system current. Hence, at all times, a downloaded map of your terrain will keep you updated.

Ease of Usage

Off-road driving requires constant attention. It could turn out that a basic miss-step is extremely risky. You’re going to need a navigation system that is quick and easy to control at any point while you’re driving up steep hills or across swamps.

Go for a computer with a bigger screen and a better resolution in this respect. Making sure that the monitor is at least 6 inches wide, with a minimum resolution of 480p.

This will reduce the pressure on your eyes and encourage you to use the product during incredibly sunny days as well.

Similarly, be careful if there is a basic user interface for the system you are buying; complex ones can just make the situation much tenser.

So, you can also contact users who are now or have previously used the product and find out about the user experience from the company’s website.

Any systems come with embedded applications for voice recognition. This makes it easy to use so you no longer have to rely on passengers to assist you as you drive.


Make sure it’s quick to connect with when you’re buying a navigation device. Wireless networking, which can be either WIFI or Bluetooth, is one of the modes that most choose.

When the navigation device is already attached to your vehicle, a Bluetooth link would allow you to pair the device with your smartphones. It will make you use the speaker of the cars to attend calls and play music.

The relation to WiFi, on the other hand, is even more important. This will cause the system to upgrade itself continuously. Support to keep the tool compliant with bug patches; the framework would also be well informed with map updates.

Additional Features

We will also take a look at features that you will certainly like to be included in order to get the best out of your system, aside from the utmost need.

Where mobile networks are used by smartphones to identify landmarks and points of interest, some mapping tools have these positions integrated into the device.

Ses services may be put to extreme use on off-road trips. This helps you discover prime places around you, such as nearby petrol pumps, hotels, campsites, etc.

Similarly, once the computer connects to WiFi, both of these locations will be able to keep you updated, with an alert on opening, closing times, and holidays.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a GPS be accurate when off-road?

The accuracy of such a system will mainly depend on the type of device you purchase.

Tools that can connect securely with satellites will be able to pinpoint your location better. Usually, these devices are accurate, with an error range of 3 to 5 meters.

Will a GPS be accurate when off-road

How long do Portable GPS’s batteries last?

This will entirely depend on the device that you’re purchasing. However, most quality devices tend to last up to 16 hrs on a single charge.

Although some devices come with slots to input AA batteries, this will allow you to run them longer.

Can they be used for both on-road and off-road navigation?

Yes. The devices are technically doing the same task on both ends; the only difference is the maps. So, you can be sure that they’ll operate in both locations without a hitch.

How can these devices be updated?

This will depend on the type of device you’ve purchased. Most devices come with a USB storage slot, or a Micro SD slot included.

So all you have to do is download the file and update the device. Some devices also come with WiFi. In that sense, connecting them will also get the job done.

How can I charge the device while on the move?

If you find yourself covering long-distance with a portable GPS, simply connect the device to your cigarette lighter port. This will always keep the equipment charged and ready to use.

Final Words

Finding the best GPS for off-road jeeps is not going to be the simplest thing to do. Plus, it’s much more complicated and confusing because of the vast variety of devices available on the market.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that you stick to the list we have given to ensure that you have purchased the correct product.