Top 6 Best Jeep Electrical LED Headlights 2020 – Reviews and buying guide


With their great grip on the road, both models of the jeep wrangler deliver a great driving experience even while off-roading. From the CJ, TJ, JK models to the new JL edition, both models roll out of the factory with missing headlights that do not suit your needs. The poor headlights in the factory impair your visibility while driving at night or in bad weather. There are great options for improvements to your jeep wrangle LED light technology and this guide tests the best jeep wrangler LED headlights that can help you avoid low-quality LED lights that may not be better than the factory lights on the market.

Over the years, Led light technology has advanced with great reflector, projector and fore-facing headlights providing great lighting on all days, fog and night illumination. These lights provide a durable lighting solution at a lower cost, depending on your model , which makes your driving experience feel fantastic. These analysis lights are plug and play which, if you have a h4 or H13 plug in the wire, would work directly with your harness. See also our recommendations on the best floor mats for jeep wrangler, how to choose the best jeep winches, the best tires for jeep wrangler, and the best jeep seat covers.

Top Jeep Electrical LED Headlights


BEST OVERALL DB Electrical SMT0052 Starter For Jeep 4.0 4.0L CherokeeDB Electrical SMT0052 Starter For Jeep 4.0 4.0L Cherokee.

BEST BUDGET Painless 10105 Classic Customizable Jeep CJ Harness
Open ended wire leads allow for custom routing of the wiring for your CJ.

Sunpie 7” RGB LED Halo Headlights 4” LED Fog Lights Jeep Wrangler
Sunpie 7 inch RGB LED headlights are last longer than the life of your Jeep Vehicle.

Xprite 7″ Inch LED Halo Headlights for Jeep Wrangler JK TJ LJ
Xprite LED Halo Headlights is one of the best Canbus integrated jeep wrangler headlights..

The LX-Light LED Headlights Front Fog Lights for Jeep 97-2017 JK TJ LJ
The package comes with 2 pieces of fog light bulbs that light at 1600lm.

Omotor RGB 7 Inch LED Headlights For Jeep Wrangler TJ JK
Omotor 7-inch LED headlights are powerful LEDs and a long-lasting illumination from the halos and DRLs.

1. DB Electrical SMT0052 Starter For Jeep 4.0 4.0L Cherokee

DB Electrical SMT0052 Starter For Jeep 4.0 4.0L Cherokee (87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98) 4.0L Grand Cherokee (93-98) 5.9 5.9L Grand Wagoneer (88-91) 4.0L 4.2 4.2L Wrangler (87-98).


  • Superior Quality Every Time.
  • Direct-Fit OEM Replacement Parts.
  • Seals out residue.
  • Long-term reliability.

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2. Painless 10105 Classic Customizable Jeep CJ Harness

This 22 circuits Painless Performance factory upgrade harness for 1974 & earlier CJ Jeeps uses the OEM style fuse block. Open-ended wire leads allow for custom routing of the wiring for your CJ.


  • Easy Installation.
  • High quality.
  • Fused Power Source.
  • Dash Ignition.

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3. Sunpie 7” RGB LED Halo Headlights  

This is also a very powerful Lead headlight for projection wrangler that fits well on Harley Davidson models. With a 30, 000 hour lifetime, it runs 4 12v 80w LED bulbs. The headlight generates a low beam of 7200lm HI and 3600lm that is suitable for the model JK and JL, but can also fit well with your wranglers TJ and CJ. The regular price is the main draw and it comes with H4 and H13 adapters with an easy set-up for plug and play.

Sunpie produces some of the best white Halo angel DRL headlights led by wranglers, as well as the amber turning lights. This kit has free maintenance support for full-time users. Considering the pressure on the batteries from the cumulative 80 w high beam output on your batteries, you may need to purchase an antiflicker harness separately.


  • A lifespan of 50000 hours.
  • Fits for 1997 – 2017 Jeep Wrangler.
  • Supplied along with the pair of LED headlights are an H4 to H13 adapter.
  • Easy to install.

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4. Xprite 7″ Inch LED Halo Headlights 

This is one of the finest jeep wrangler headlights incorporated by Canbus. It is a headlight type projector that achieves beams of 9600lm HI and 7200LO on 12v 40w headlights. These 40w polycarbonate lens bulbs are clearer with a 50,000-hour lifetime than the first halogen HID bulbs. Xprite Halo projection lights incorporate HI-LO, daytime moving light and an amber turning light with a polycarbonate prism. For a cooling effect, the aluminium housing and ribbed construction help to disperse the heat.

This headlight has a strong beam and the popular Cree chips are very robust. It’s a 7-inch Wrangler headlight from the J series that suits well with elevated Jeep SUVs. To avoid blinding oncoming traffic, it focuses the beam focus to help illuminate the road. It is a basic plug and play headlight that comes with both H13 and H4 adapters, making it compatible with the H1 and H2 versions of TJ, CJ, JK, JL and also Hummer. You must purchase a mounting bracket, but this is one of the better LED headlights available for jeep wranglers.


  • Efficient cooling.
  • Offers both Halo Angel eye daytime lighting as well as amber turning lights.
  • Fits for 1997 – 2018 Jeep Wrangler.
  • Very easy to install.

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5. The LX-Light LED Headlights 

In their bulbs, LX uses the American made Cree chip, and for a very bright HI beam of 5500lm, this DC kit applies them on 12v 75w bulbs. Two sets of fog light bulbs that light at 1600lm come with the box. This is a DC power intensive package that is very strenuous but provides a fantastic driving experience on the battery. At a specific angle, the 12 fore-facing LED bulbs are aligned to provide a beam dispersion that provides a sharp cut appropriate for 4 door and 2 door JK models as well as LJ and CJ models in 2017.


  • Headlights are approved by the DOT.
  • It includes a set of fog lights, as well as an adapter.
  • Offers both low and high beams.
  • Made with black aluminum housing.

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6. Omotor RGB 7 Inch LED Headlights For Jeep Wrangler TJ JK

Omotor 7-inch LED headlights are powerful LEDs and a long-lasting illumination from the halos and DRLs. The bulbs run on adjustable 30w/2700LM low beam AND 40w/3600LM high beam on TJ, JK, and JL models.


  • Black aluminum housing offering indestructible protection.
  • Power capacity of 40 Watts for the high beam and 30 Watts for the Low Beam.
  • Designed with an internal fan built-in to offer an integrated cooling system.

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Things to consider when choosing jeep wrangler LED lights

Ease of connection and compatibility

Some LED headlights have an adapter to attach to both H4 harness for CJ, and TJ models while the latest JK and JL models require a H13 plug. Until buying, you have to ensure that both are attached to the package. Headlight kits for Plug and Play should also have a simple installation guide. Your harness can be damaged by complicated wiring.

An anti-flickering harness

Without current flow disruptions, LED lights are generated in EMC modes and do not actually comply with your wiring. You will save money as well as reduce the time needed to mount your LED headlights with a kit that provides anti-flickering brace additions.

Building material and price

Cheap results are costly and poor quality, poor performance and regular fixes are poor. Though high prices do not mean good quality in the same way, they are close enough. Good housing material, particularly for headlights, is very important.

Any jeep owner knows that purchasing premium headlights that will result in a more prolonged operation than cheaper lights is extremely necessary. Many headlights are made from steel, since it is the most valuable material that does not rust and has a longer lifetime.

Climate condition

Apparently, if you reside next to the beach, you will not buy fog headlights because they would not be of any use to you. Fog headlights will be appropriate for areas above sea level. It is very important that you understand the climate of your region. To know what best suits your jeep, you need to be comfortable with the temperature variations in your residence.

Poor eyesight is also a consideration; certain headlights are brighter than others, so the path is bright.

Weatherproof housing

A jeep wrangler is an all-weather vehicle with a great grip on the road even when driving offroad. The LED headlights have to be resistant to match up to these requirements. extra strengthened aluminum housings protect the bulb better as they are more resistant to shatter.


Consider the fitment before possessing any headlights. Jeeps come in various shapes and different kinds. Therefore, it is wise to be aware of the form and make of your vehicle.

There is a wide range of LED lights and each type is intended to fit a different type of jeep. That’s why you need to consider which headlights are perfectly suited to the type and make of your vehicle. Some headlights do not accommodate all jeeps, and for perfect lighting and alignment, it is safer to buy lights that match your jeep.

See the headlights you are looking to purchase at all times. Often consult a technician or ask the customer service executive if you have no details about the headlights.

Legal laws

Colorful headlights are not generally allowed in all areas. Some countries consider colorful beacons as illegal. Be aware of the laws of your state before purchasing the colorful lights.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do you adjust jeep LED headlights?

When you replace your original halogen bulb with a LED headlight, you need to adjust the housing, not the bulb. All you need is a clear wall, a tape and a compatible driver mostly Torx-15.

Cut a piece of tape and place it 3 feet above the ground on the wall and park your car with the headlights pointing the tape. The headlights will be pointing above the tape.
Insert your driver into to the lamp adjusting screw located around the 10 o’clock position on the passenger headlight and adjust anticlockwise until the light is below the tape.
Repeat the same for the driver side headlight except here, the adjusting screw is located at about the 2 o’clock position.

2. How long do LED lights last?

LED lights produce less heat and they have a longer lifespan than your regular halogen bulbs while producing a brighter light. Most standard bulbs will last 3 to 5 years (30,000 to 50,000 hours)

3. Is switching to LED headlight economical?

LED technology has evolved to produce both efficient lighting at lower prices. The most economical advantage of LED headlights is the longer lifespan with regulated power consumption which elongates your Jeep’s life.

4. Which type of LED headlight are best for jeep wrangler

Projection style headlights are best for raised Jeeps especially the J models which need a stronger beam to keep a clear sight of the road. Both reflector and fore facing headlights are still suitable for your jeep as long as you buy a reliable package.

5. Can i get to purchase just one headlight?

LED headlights packages contains two pieces of headlights, but the good news is most manufacturers do sell just one LED light. If you want to purchase only one headlight, please consult the manufacturer.

Final Thought

The choice of a headlight is as vital as the choice of a vehicle. Jeep Wranglers are great cars that are restricted by low lighting capability in the factory, which suggests that an upgrade could almost certainly include the cost of the vehicle. These reviews will help you profile and purchase the best jeep wrangler headlights on the market, whether you are out for a better version of your LED headlights or a first-time upgrade. Rock Lights can make you feel interested.