Best Jeep Lift Kits: Enhance performance and off-road capabilities of your jeep.

Are you looking to improve the off-roading performance of your jeep to max levels? You can do this by upgrading a variety of its parts. One of the best things you can do is buy an lift kit. It increases vehicle clearance, allowing you more space to drive over rocks, water, and tree stumps. Plus, it enhances the overall design of your Jeep and makes it look more desirable and rugged. Here are some of the best jeep lift kits to try out. See also our recommendations on the best floor mats for jeep wranglerhow to choose the best jeep winches, the best tires for jeep wrangler, and the best jeep seat covers.

Best Jeep Lift Kits – Reviews

1. Best Jeep Lift Kit: MotoFab Lifts 3″ Full Lift Kit

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Our choice for the Best Jeep Lift Kit Overall is the MotoFab Lifts 3″ Full Lift Kit. This bolt-on kit offers the most flexibility out of all our picks and is designed to match many styles of Jeep Wranglers. With shock extenders, the Jeep can clear 35-inch tires.

There are a lot of things we like about the MotoFab kit. For one thing, the kit is fully bolt-on, so the driveway mechanic should be able to mount it without much trouble. The added half-inch boost that this kit offers over our other solutions will come in handy off-road.

We really like the rugged powder-coated finish that comes with the parts. There are a few sticky points to remember. For one, get to know the directions before you dive in. Any users say they’re hard to understand. Also, make sure you do have time set aside to get the job done, since it may take a while.

A sturdy and durable three-inch lift kit compatible with a number of Jeep Wranglers.


  • It is designed out of high-grade steel with a black powder coat finish.
  • It can be installed yourself with its bolt-on system, and it makes your Jeep stand out.


  • The instructions can be difficult
  • Installing the lift kit can be time-consuming.

2. TrueTwo Jeep Wrangler 2.5″ Coil Spacer Suspension Lift Kit

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Our recommendation for the Best Jeep Lift Kit is the TrueTwo Jeep Wrangler Coil Spacer Lift Kit. As the names imply, this is a coil spacer kit intended for quick installation and rapid esthetic progress. It will have 2 inches of lift without factory insulators and 2.5 inches of lift. We really like the TrueTwo package at this price.

For one thing, it installs very quickly, but it is advised that you use the video instructions as your reference. We really like this is a very easy way to get 2.5 inches of extra clearance on your Jeep, making it look cool and providing for wider tires. There are certain limitations, as in all things.

The TrueTwo kit is a coil spacer device, which ensures that it can take some of the lightness of your suspension and throw it out of the window. Not only will your satisfaction level drop during daily driving, but you can also find a reduction in the suspension of off-road travel jarring.

A nicely priced budget Jeep Wrangler JK lift kit designed out of tough polyurethane material.


  • Installation is easy if you use instructional videos.
  • It can be put on with or without stock insulators, and it provides a maximum 2.5-inch lift.


  • The end result may be a bit stiff and rough as it is not a full suspension lift, and it only fits the JK model Jeep.

3. Rough Country 2.5″ Suspension Lift Kit

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The list is not complete without the need for an honorable mention, and the Rough Country Suspension Lift Kit is worthy. This comprehensive high-performance package comes with everything you need for a mild boost with a serious off-road pedigree. This kit manages a number of boxes. It raises the height of the ride and the ground clearance, making it easier to mount the kit yourself, and allows for wider tyres.

These are just stuff that we particularly enjoy. This package is also loaded with components that will lend your Jeep some serious off-road chops. There are a few reasons why this package is an excellent pick instead of the second target.

For one this package only offers 2.5 inches of raise, so many consumers have had trouble rubbing as they put 35-inch tires on their jeeps. An extra half-inch of clearance could have been overcome. On top of that this package comes with a lot of pieces, and the instructions aren’t as clear because we’d like them to be.

A high-performance lift kit for both the front and rear of the vehicle that fits 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited JKs.


  • It increases ground clearance, can be installed by yourself, enhances how the Jeep looks and rides, and adds 2.5 inches of lift.


  • Rubbing may occur with extreme articulation if you have 35-inch tires, and the instructions can be difficult to understand.

4. Lift Kit for Jeep: Mopar Jeep Wrangler Lift Kit

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With a long list of parts and a complete four-inch lift, the Mopar kit is a must for those who want to get stuff as big as possible without compromising performance.

An expansive range of equipment comes with Mopar’s 4” lift kit, so you won’t need anything else outside the one box—and a few tools. You also can’t argue with the results: the amount of lift is impressive, but you won’t notice a dip in performance or the riding experience.


  • Includes a range of equipment other kits do not
  • Offers a smooth ride/performance driving


  • Only suits specific years
  • Lacking upper and lower control arms

5. Lift Kit for Jeep: Performance Accessories 1” Body

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If you want to get bigger for your tires but don’t want any huge changes, the Performance Accessories body lift kit is a decent option.

1″ Lift of the body
Accepts tyres up to 35-inch diameter
High-pressure fiberglass reinforced nylon block
Bracket for the land harness
Needed hardware included

Adding bigger tires to your Jeep also needs a raise, but you can get a 1″ lift with the Value Accessories package. Add tires up to 35 inches in diameter without impacting the geometry of the OEM suspension and install with only simple tools—no advanced expertise required.


  • Does not alter OEM suspension geometry
  • Only basic tool necessary


  • Minor lift

6. TeraFlex 1155200 JK Leveling Kit

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The TeraFlex JK/JKU 1. 5” Spacer Leveling Kit corrects the factory nose-down rake to give your JK Wrangler or JKU Wrangler Unlimited some attitude thanks to a more aggressive stance. Not only does the 1. 5” Spacer Leveling Kit clear larger tires, but the additional height helps compensate for heavier aftermarket gear such as bumpers, a larger spare tire, or weekend swag. FITS: JK Wrangler (2-door) JKU Wrangler Unlimited (4-door)SPECS: LEVELING HEIGHT: 1. 5” MAX TIRE DIAMETER: 33”INCLUDES: 2” front spacers 1” rear spacers Longer front sway bar links All necessary hardware NOTE: Works w/ original or stock-length aftermarket shock absorbers. INSTALL TIME: 3 Hours

Benefits of Jeep Lift Kits

Increased off-road ability: A lot of Jeep owners are proud of their off-road prowess. The lift kit would give the Jeep an even greater ability to climb steep hills and traverse jagged rock gardens.

Durability: Some lift kits are made to such high quality that the parts will really contribute to the durability of your Jeep. Over-built pieces will build a tougher base for your off-road building.

It’s presence: Jeep owners are all about personalization. The lift kit allows the Jeep to be equipped with bigger wheels and tyres, which will fully transform the appearance of the Jeep.

Types of Jeep Lift Kits


The body lift consists of sections that fit between your Jeep’s cab and the frame. Hard rubber or polyurethane bushings must be sandwiched between the body and the frame at both body-mounted positions. The effect is improved tire clearance and the presence of a lift. They do not impact the suspension at all so they can be used to accommodate wider tires on the vehicle.


If you look closely at most of the vehicles, you can see that the front of the jeep seems to be lower than the rear. This also ensures that the rear of the vehicle can accommodate bigger tyres, but the front end has no clearance. A leveling kit will fix this by raising the front end of the Jeep just to meet the height of the rear of the vehicle.


Suspension lifts are a large Jeep lift update. These kits also come with new shocks, coils, frame modules, sway bars, and even steering parts, if the lift is serious enough. This kits are the most costly of the lift kit types, but they have the potential to really dial the off-road suitability of your Jeep.

Jeep Lift Kit Pricing

Up to $100: Kits in this category are typically appearance-oriented and include body lifts and leveling kits to accommodate for wider tires with limited suspension adjustment.

$100 to $500: this price point is when you’ll start seeing real off-road technology kits. Coil spacers and suspension lifts are very popular here.

$500 and up: Provides light-duty suspension lifts all the way to full off-road outfits. These kits are professionally fitted to get the Jeep off the pavement.

Key Features


Some lift kits are very simple and others are more advanced. Based on whether or not you’re going to install yourself, this is something that has to be considered. If you’re on a budget, you may think that the inexpensive kit is the way to go but the pricer kit that you can build on your own can save you on the shop.


There are kits at the very same level, there are kits that lift, and there are kits that do both. Be sure that any kit you pick would give you the exact look you want. There are a lot of kits on the market, so getting one that gives your Jeep a great stance that shouldn’t be hard to find.


Getting a brand promise behind their goods would be priceless. Considering that a lot of people lifting their jeeps are doing this to boost off-road performance, rugged terrain and sticky situations are expected. These conditions will break down cheap materials, and ensuring that a company stands by its product gives you peace of mind.

Other Considerations

Value of building jobs:

There are a number of lift kits available for Jeeps, and others really aren’t up to snuff. It’s important to understand the quality of the kit you’re buying so you don’t end up with a poor fit or cheap parts.

Heavy-Duty Use:

If you are going to use your jeep for heavy off-road, you’re going to want to buy a full suspension lift. While you may be able to fit larger tires on a body lift or a coil spacer package, they do little to improve the suspension travel, and you may end up stuck in the middle of a trail with no way out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a lift kit?

Lift kits are used to elevate your Jeep off the ground from its natural stature. This is done by lifting the body or suspension of your vehicle. The main reason for lifting your truck is for appearance. By lifting your truck you’ll increase ground clearance and get the vehicle body, frame, and differentials higher than usual.

Should I buy a Suspension or Body Lift kit?

Depends on what you want. Suspension lift kits raise the entire vehicle, whereas body lifts raise the body itself and it doesn’t change the distance between the bottom of your vehicle parts of your vehicle and the ground.

Can lifting damage my vehicle?

When you lift your vehicle you raise and increase the distance between the transfer case and the axles. By doing so, the angles between the drive-shafts and similar components change and if you don’t attend to these matters the changes can destroy the seals and bearings and different things quickly.


Our suggestions above are what we found are the best lift kit for jeep available on the market. These are the best lift kit for jeep to buy in every price range for you. We have analyzed each product and reviewed our best for the buyers.