What are the Best Grille Inserts for Your Jeep – Best Jeep Mod Ideas

When it comes to modifying the Jeep Wrangler, there are infinite options. And the easiest way to start a makeover is to give it a facelift. Converting your Jeep is too easy to do when you’ve got a lot of affordable and more appealing options within your reach.

By offering your Jeep Wrangler a new grille, you can add an unique personality and an unique look where it will matter most. The Wrangler has the most emblematic front grilles of all time. It hasn’t changed much since it was first launched.

The new Jeep Wrangler has a seven-slot grille that makes people identify the vehicle right away. However, you can modify your grill with a number of available inserts, varying from billet or mesh inserts to trim parts. Not only do they add style, they also add protection to the radiator.

Because the front of the Jeep serves as the vehicle’s face, you can change it to suit your ideas as well as its intended use. It’s one of the most economical and convenient ways to do it. In addition, the grill inserts will give the Jeep a custom-made look that represents your personality.

There are several kinds of front grilles and grill inserts available on the market for Jeep Wrangler; it might be confusing to determine the correct one. The list below is the top choices you can easily choose to match your style.

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Things to Consider When Buying

1. Compatibility

When you purchase some accessories, make sure that they are consistent with the Jeep Wrangler model you have. It’s important to know the year of the Jeep, make and model to get you the insert or grill that suits your exact Jeep. Otherwise, you’re going to have to change it to fit the car, or it’ll be completely useless.

2. Design & Material

The kits can come with a range of designs and materials. Find the right material that is durable like high-grade plastic so it will not rust or corrode. For grille inserts, those made of stainless steel material are the safest and will last longer. The design can be subjective, and some of the grilles can also be configured.

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3. Ease of Installation

It should be inexpensive and available to give your Jeep Wrangler a makeover. You don’t need complicated instructions when you choose to change the front grilles or connect the grille inserts. Look for compatible grilles with your Jeep and installation is going to be very simple.

4. Warranty

Some providers sell limited warranty on grilles and grille inserts , while others do not. It is easier to remember the warranty offered in the event of manufacturing defects. You can make replacements or repairs at no cost.

Top 10 Front Grilles and Grille Inserts for Your Jeep

Top 5 Front Grille Reviews

1. Xprite Front Transformer Grille

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With a new transformer grille from Xprite, you can change the entire look of your Jeep Wrangler. With its distinctive style and fierce look, this aggressive-looking grille will make your Jeep stand out in the crowd. The grill is made from high plastic ABS that is resistant to impact and robust.

It comes in an incomplete matte color, which means you can use the color you want to fit your Jeep to plan and repaint it. It is also easy to build and has all the OEM grille measurements and corresponds to the original work cutouts and mounting holes. You do not have to drill any holes and the kit contains weather strips and clips.


  • It fits perfectly
  • Easy to install with the proper tools
  • Looks awesome and feels as durable as the factory grille


  • Did not include the hardware necessary to mount the blinkers

2. ALLINONEPARTS Front Shark Grille

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If you want your Jeep Wrangler to stand out, you will certainly be enticed by the exclusive ALLINONEPARTS shark grille style. The style is inspired by the mouth of a shark with sharp teeth, which gives the shock factor an imposing look to your Jeep. This grille is also robust, apart from being aggressive and meaner. The shell is made of ABS plastic of the finest quality with a black matte finish. It can endure all the unwanted elements and, even for a longer time, can look fresh.

The assembly is simple and straightforward, since this grille is built to exactly fit your Jeep’s original mounting holes. There is no cutting or modification required, and it can even use the stock clips of your original grilles.


  • It gives a beefier look to the Jeep
  • Solid metal construction
  • Comes with hardware kits and installation instructions
  • Easy to install


  • Needs little modification to fit perfectly

3. Topfire Upgraded Front Grille

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It orders attention to this grille. It conveys the impression of rage. It is also manufactured from premium acrylic ABS that will not rust or delaminate. This suggests it can survive light impacts.

Since it comes with rubber trips and clips to keep the rain out, it is an improved version of the grilles present on the market. In order to install the grille quickly, all the holes are aligned. In reality, fixing it would only take 20 minutes. This grille is also very versatile and can be repainted to any desired color. You can also select from the available color choices they offer if you don’t want to repaint them.

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  • Fully paintable to customize the grill to any color you want
  • Made from a high-quality material that is lightweight and durable
  • No drilling required, easy to install and fits perfectly


  • Not all hardware is included

4. Xprite Front Gladiator Vader Grid Grille

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Can you imagine the presence of the Greek gladiators? Do they look pretty strong and cool? You will find the stuff from this grille. Another offensive grille concept by Xprite, this time with a bold gladiator look. It could stand out in the crowd. It is made of the finest quality ABS acrylic, much like the other grille made by Xprite. This product has excellent longevity and effect resistance that you can’t find in other grilles.

Since it has undergone strict quality management, it is durable and ideally suits the OEM holes. Even the light cuts match well. For further customization, the grille is available in an unfinished matt black color.


  • The quality of the material and hardware is great. The ABS plastic will not corrode or delaminate
  • Easy to install and matches the original mounting holes
  • Comes with all hardware needed for installation
  • Looks much cooler if combined with halo eye headlights


  • It needs a few modifications

5. Maiker Front Grille Demon Grid Grill

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If you’re too bored with common and old designs out there, consider this one. It’s built with an updated demon style that will give your Jeep Wrangler a serious makeover and a special look. The grid is made of the highest quality of ABS plastic, which is lightweight, rust-resistant and very durable.

Besides improving the look of your Jeep Wrangler, it also offers the ideal security for the condenser or radiator of your Jeep. It will protect them from large rocks when on the road, and it also acts as your cover to hide current scratches and scruffs.  It is easy to install this grille as it is a direct fit to the existing holes and in fact, it uses the current mounting points. This grille is applicable for 2007-2017 Jeep Wranglers JK & Unlimited.


  • Perfectly fits the mounting points for easy installation without drilling or modification
  • Provides extra protection for the condenser
  • Lightweight and rust/corrosion resistant


  • May not be compatible with the newest models

Top 5 Grille Insert Reviews

1. Hooke Road Honeycomb Front Grill Mesh Inserts

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How do you make your Wrangler stand out in an easy and inexpensive way among the crowd? There’s no better way to do that than to buy new grill inserts. These Hooke Road honeycomb mesh inserts can be added to the TJ & Unlimited Jeep Wranglers 1997-2006.

This collection of grille inserts is made of a high-quality material – ABS plastic that does not corrode, peel or rust. It is also easy to mount since there is no need for cutting or drilling. Apart from bringing aesthetics to the jeep, it also helps shield the engine from off-road elements when moving including broken glasses, plastic, paper, stones and other road debris.


  • Easy to snap in place, no cutting or drilling needed
  • It adds character to the front grille without changing its classic style
  • Protects the engine from elements on the road
  • Perfect upgrade for the price


  • Removing them can damage the clips

2. Red Rock 4X4 Mesh Grille Inserts

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Another big benefit to customize the look of your Jeep Wrangler is the Red Rock 4X4 mesh grille inserts. Its design attribute is an open mesh design in a black smooth finish that perfectly complements the current Jeep trim.

It is made of high-quality material that will not crack or corrode over time. This grille insert is easy to install since there is no need for messy glue or drilling. You will use the built-in clips to mount it in the grille openings. It provides extra protection for your motor, especially when driving off-road. Another advantage to installing the grille inserts is that the radiator may be hidden. It covers the scratches and dings without restricting the airflow in the engine.


  • Straightforward and easy installation
  • With built-in clips to secure the grilles
  • Looks great and keeps the stones and bugs out of the engine


  • Needs to remove the front grille to clip it on

3. RT-TCZ Grille Inserts

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For those looking for mesh grille inserts for their Jeep Wrangler from 2007 to 2015, the RT-TCZ front mesh grid inserts are the ideal choice. It is made of high-quality Plastic material that can be painted or handled with a chrome finish. The built-in clip on is firmer when assembled relative to the self-adhesive grille that most use.

It’s an excellent addition to the front end of the Jeep, since it’s simple to mount. Another advantage is that it prevents the engine from dirt and glitches while driving. This grille insert is an inexpensive choice if you want to update your vehicle’s look easily and immediately.


  • Durable as it is made from the high-quality plastic
  • Corrosion and rust free
  • Great form and finish
  • Easy to install with the built-in clip on


  • It does not fit a few 2016-2017 Jeep Wranglers that already have inserts in the front grill

4. Xprite Stainless Steel Mesh Insert

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This grill insert will lend your Jeep Wrangler an unique personality. Imagine expressing your pride with a design of stars and stripes right in front of your Jeep. Apart from bringing style to the all-American car, the grille inserts also shield the radiator from road elements such as debris when off and on the road. It does not lead to overheating because the perforated grille design requires sufficient airflow in the radiator and engine to optimize its efficiency.

Another unique feature of the insert is that it is made of high-quality stainless steel instead of plastic. It has undergone inspection and strict quality control to ensure that it is resistant to rust and durable.


  • The screen fits perfectly into the grille
  • Easy to install
  • Looks and works great with its unique design


  • Needs a little adjustment because it can be half an inch bigger

5. EAG Wire Mesh Grille Bug Screen

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If you’re not fond of plastic grill inserts, this EAG Wire Mesh Grille Bug Panel is a fine choice for you. It is made of a high-grade stainless steel wire mesh with powder coat finish. This means that it will not rust or corrode readily and is durable.

It is designed in an aggressive wire mesh style to give the insert a bold 3D look. It also has a contoured fit that makes it easier to fit the insert into the bottom of the grille. No drilling is required for this simple installation, and all required hardware is included in the package. The grille in the mesh grille are just the right scale to protect the radiator from bugs and other debris when driving. They are also easy enough to get the correct circulation of air within the vehicle.


  • Nice design and very sturdy for the price
  • Contoured for easy installation
  • Hardware is included for easy installation


  • It can be a little tricky to install