2004 Jeep Liberty Check Engine Light


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O2 Check Engine Light CEL 90 Degree Angled Fix Oxygen Spacer Exhaust Extension - 4Pieces Kit

as of November 6, 2018 12:08 pm


  • Application: This spacer features M18x1.5mm threads. fits ALL Standards Oxygen Sensors. For most modern vehicles are equipped with M18x1.5mm threaded oxygen sensors. You can easily screw the oxygen sensor into the spacer and then the spacer into your exhaust.
  • Avoid Checking Engine Light: oxygen sensor Spacer catalyze the oxygen sensor to discharge the exhaust flow. By separating the sensor you can attempt to avoid the check engine light from activating due to a high flow catalytic converter or test pipe.
  • Design: Tight 90 degree design and modular fittings, the oxygen spacer will be applied to a limited space which will avoid damaging your oxygen sensor.
  • Configurations: A 90 degree section and 3 different adapters. you can adjust the length of the oxygen sensor spacer including the side that screws into the exhaust as well as the side that the oxygen sensor screws into.
  • Material: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. A ABIGAIL Oxygen Sensor Spacers are made from mild steel which can avoid cracking and excessive heat expansion.